True Religion Taps Formula 3 Group for True Omnichannel Solution.

“Retail personalization has been realized… we have crossed paths with the future.” -- John Hazen, Senior Vice President, Direct to Consumer & Omnichannel, True Religion, Inc.
Today’s retail businesses are challenged with connecting with customers across multiple channels to create seamless shopping experiences. As more and more shoppers choose convenience — “Let me buy what, where, when and how I want” — omnichannel solutions have fast become an imperative.  But without a decisive strategy and well-executed implementation, omnichannel is an unrealized concept.
“Simply put, omnichannel is a single view of the customer.” - Russ Ronchi, Formula 3 Group
An omnichannel solution provides an integrated, consistent customer experience across all channels: including retail stores, online/digital storefronts, mobile apps, or in-bound call centers. More

Digital Signage

Social Media Billboards during Nike Women’s Marathon San Francisco

F3G delivered personalized, motivational messages in real-time to individual runners on a digital billboard during the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. Using its patent-pending EngageLIVE platform, F3G harnessed Facebook, Nike Plus, Nike’s new ‘Share My Run’ app, and RFID marathon bib data to bring next-level technology to over 30,000 runners in the race. More