In-Store Fulfillment Cloud

In the past your ecomm business was limited to the inventory in your ecomm warehouse. Now with In-Store Fulfillment Cloud you can leverage all the inventory in all of your stores to present that inventory on your website as available product and ship those items directly from your stores.

Our platform sits between your existing enterprise software and your warehouse (WMS) to redirect orders to stores using in-store mobile or back-office computers.

One customer experienced a massive 19% surge in ecomm sales without additional overhead; the stores, employees, and product were already in place, they just exposed that product to more customers on their website using In-Store Fulfillment Cloud.

• Leverage the inventory of your entire fleet.
• Easy process for associates.
• Barcode scanning confirms correct item picked.
• UPS integration and tracking updates.
• Integrated with 3rd-party platforms including Aptos EOM and Manhattan Scale.
• Corporate reporting and monitoring.