Personalization is all in the wrist at True Religion

True Religion Apparel Inc. is enabling store associates to provide a highly personalized customer experience with a glance at their watch.

The specialty apparel retailer is partnering with Aptos Inc. (formerly Epicor Retail) and Formula 3 Group to enhance and extend the functionality of its associate-facing Apple Watch “Band” app. Originally released in December 2015, Band offers real-time access to the retailer’s full inventory selection from the store, along with intuitive search capability.

Now, Band is also integrated with Aptos CRM and clienteling solutions to provide a holistic view of shopper history and loyalty program data. As a result, the latest release of the Band app now gives store associates the ability to offer more personalized in-store customer engagement via insights delivered at a glance.

Once True Religion loyalty members opt in to a mobile app that integrates with geo fencing and in-store beacons, every time they enter a store, associates on the sales floor are alerted via Apple Watch haptic response. One tap of the watch opens access to customer information from previous online or in-store interactions, including the customer's buying patterns, sales history, and suggested selling recommendations based on constantly updated CRM data.

Specific CRM data served to associates via the app includes product imagery of past purchases, as well as social media integration that helps store employees recognize customers and greet them by name. Additionally, associates can understand what products are currently trending in a given category, location or across the store fleet, and filter items by price point.

"The Apple Watch clienteling application from Formula 3 Group powered by Aptos CRM/Clienteling is retail personalization realized," said John Hazen, senior VP president, direct to consumer & omnichannel, True Religion. "For store associates to be notified via haptic touch on the watch that a customer has entered the store and then provided with their purchase history in a visual manner is the ‘Holy Grail’ of insight and personalization. With this new integration, we hope to empower sales associates with the customer information and tools they need to better serve customers, while elevating the customer experience and converting more sales."

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