Demandware Integration with FullCircle

When deciding what ecommerce platform to migrate to (or install), do you often think about what out there will most easily integrate with your current systems?

It’s a good idea to assume nothing will.

When Hurley turned to F3G for guidance on what ecommerce system to migrate to there were many concerns about integration with their ERP system, FullCircle.  We assured them this wasn’t a concern because we could make FullCircle talk to whatever system they selected.

Fast forward to their selection of Demandware, our team set off designing a solution that would not only make the two systems talk, but doing it in a way that didn’t require any changes to either system.  We felt leaving the two bookends alone and doing all the heavy lifting in the middle would allow for greater speed in deployment and reaction to new features and growth.  This direction has enabled F3G to bring online many new features and expansion without having to depend on or request changes from another vendor.

Agility and speed.  Two things that in the end save you money.

F3G has it’s own proprietary middleware technology that was deployed for the Hurley integration gap of Demandware talking to FullCircle.  Leveraging world class performance, stability and service from Rackspace; F3G leverages a virtualized cluster of servers all load balanced for redundancy and high performance.

With the F3G solution in place Hurley can ensure existing systems function as they always have, while communicating seamlessly with new systems brought online.  F3G also enables scalability for additional regions, currency and additional ERP systems all through the same middleware instance.

Do you have an ERP integration problem with Demandware, Micros OCP, Magento… or any other ecommerce platform?  Contact F3G today so we can get you back to doing what you do best and stop worrying about data.