Merch Cloud

Information rules the world, retail and ecommerce are no different.

Typically, when you manufacture products you have multiple sources of data. If you're a horizontal retailer you have multiple sources of data, per brand. How do you manage all of that? Incoming data from your PLM, ERP, OMS, POS, WMS and ecommerce platform. Outgoing data to your ecommerce system, shopping networks, affiliates, POS, OMS, etc… Data overload is where you run the risk of data mismanagement.

Change that with the single, easy to use, beautifully designed tool that meets all your needs without bloating the toolset simply to charge more. There are plenty of products out there, but can they be used by any associate with less than 15 minutes of training (often less)? Are they meticulously designed to be pleasant to use? Do they include the ability to syndicate data feeds out to save you tens of thousands of dollars per month? MILO Merch does.

Other features include:

• Markdown management
• International pricing
• Price book updates
• Promotion Engine
• Easy product loading
• Cloud-based fully redundant system
• Fast, secure, customizable (Public & Private Cloud options)
• Link retail with global e-commmerce
• Fully customizable – UI & Functionality
• Automated data synchronization
• Uses real inventory data
• Make your data customer-ready (WYSIWYG editing)
• Export in native platform format
• Syndicate feeds to popular shopping networks like Google and Amazon (saves thousands per month on additional services)
• Leverages existing brand imagery
• High-resolution images, video, GIF, etc.
• Single or multiple image download
• Look-up images by style or category
• Image filtering by type
• Fast and secure
• User-based permissions
• Change tracking
• Turnkey set-up and installation
• Third-party system integrations
• Works with MILO Endless Aisle
• Works with MILO Wearables / Apple Watch
• Works with MILO Clienteling
• Works with MILO Digital Signage
• The MILO Platform is served from Amazon Web Services
• Integrates with Oracle (ATG & Netsuite), SAP, Aptos (Epicor), Demandware (Salesforce Commerce Cloud), OCP, Full Circle, Scene7, Magento, and Shopify+.