Vans US Open of Surfing

The F3G EngageLIVE platform provided digital solutions for the US Open of Surfing (Surf, Skate, BMX, Music) including the event website, live streaming (with custom DVR player), live scoring, digital jumbotrons showcasing live video and social media feeds, and an RFID-enabled social media game linking photo booths at various venues on the 12-acre event site.

The US Open of Surfing is a 10-day festival of Surf, Skate, and BMX competitions, combined with outdoor Music concerts and dozens of corporate-sponsored Summer activities on the beach in Huntington Beach, CA.

The EngageLIVE platform provided scaleable tools to manage the web presence for the entire event, from athlete profiles to real-time scoring of heats:

1. CMS (Content Management System): Scaleable content management system for event producers in Surf, Skate, BMX, and Music to update blogs, photo galleries, videos, and scoring.
2. VIDEO WORKFLOW: Custom video workflow to automatically encode in five different formats optimized for web and mobile viewing.
3. LIVE STREAMING DVR: Custom software to provide DVR functionality while watching live stream surf competitions. The live stream was annotated in real-time with quicklinks on a timeline indicating the start of each wave, the surfer’s score on that wave, and color-coded waves to show whether that wave was a high score for the heat; additionally, the timeline showed quicklinks to other aspects of the competition, such as interviews, bonus content, and split screens. On a larger scale, the DVR allowed viewers to sort the entire competition and see only the quicklinks they requested, such as: only showing waves for a particular athlete, such as Kelly Slater; only showing waves above a certain score, such as 8.0; only showing high scores from each heat; and jumping straight to a preliminary, quarter, semi, or final heat.


F3G created the iPhone and iPad apps for the US Open of Surfing, integrating content from the EngageLIVE platform. The app was free for download from the iTunes store before the event, providing a premium mobile experience. Additionally, the event website was optimized for mobile display on non-iOS devices, including device and screen resolution detection to provide optimal photo and video content.

The EngageLIVE platform allowed event production staff to coordinate content on the on-site jumbotrons, mixing live streams, social media feeds, and custom graphic overlays.

Six photo booths were positioned throughout the 12-acre venue to create an RFID social media game with prizes, incentivizing visitors to explore the entire event site: Surf, Skate, Music, World’s Largest Photo Booth, Fiat, and Australian Open of Surfing.

Participants registered via Facebook or Twitter to have their identity bound to a Vans-branded wristband with an embedded RFID chip (manufactured by Zox). Once registered, the wristband allowed visitors to search the beach for each photobooth; once there, they swipe their wristband, took a picture for a chance to win a prize, and had an option to post their photo to Facebook or Twitter. The EngageLIVE platform handled the photos, applied a US Open of Surfing watermark, and posted them socially to broadcast the event message, reaching over 9.1 million.

1. Sign-up for photobooth social media game, white-labeled as “Vans Off The Wall Pass”:



2. Participants could also Pre-Register to receive a QR code on the US Open of Surfing mobile site or iPhone app:



3. Connect RFID bracelets to Facebook or Twitter:


4. Scan RFID wristband at photobooth before taking photo; participants see if they won a prize (6 photobooths in total):


5. Photo automatically posts to Facebook or Twitter if approved at Sign-Up:


6. Graphic overlay is imprinted on photos before posting to social media:


7. Redeem prizes:


8. Photos can also be sent to participants by email to recap the event and enable further sharing.