Apple Watch / Wearables

Apple Watch

Wearables in retail? For the associate? Why?

Improving customer shopping experience.

Take all the features of MILO Clienteling and MILO Endless Aisle and imagine them on the wrist of your store associate. No iPad to lose, have stolen, or break. No need to ask a customer to come to the cash register to look something up. And most importantly, never break eye contact with your customer and risk them walking out.

MILO Wearables also integrates fully with MILO Digital Signage for the ability to cast whatever content is on the watch to a large format screen. Take over any screen in your store, cast pictures, product videos and educational pieces for an easy, enjoyable viewing experience.

Experience, after all, is the new differentiator.

Other benefits include:

• Start conversations, increase customer acquisition
• Increase touchpoints with customers
• Initiate client relationships
• Cloud-based fully redundant system
• Fast, secure, customizable (Public & Private Cloud options)
• Link retail with global e-commmerce
• Update app without redeployment
• Automated data synchronization
• Uses real inventory data
• Sort by gender, size, color and fit.
• Share to big screen, kiosk, POS
• High-resolution images, video, GIF, etc.
• Fast and secure
• Private enterprise application iOS stability
• Tested and proven stable platform
• Direct integration or Barcode scanning for associate commissions
• Associate tracking
• Gateway to MILO Endless Aisle
• Full integration and extension into MILO Digital Signage
• The MILO Platform is served from Amazon Web Services
• Integrations built in for Oracle (ATG & Netsuite), SAP, Aptos (Epicor), Demandware (Salesforce Commerce Cloud), OCP, Full Circle, Scene7, Magento, and Shopify+.